Berwick clergyman helps young people stay on course

A Berwick Clergyman has been recognised for raising money to send young people from across the North of England on adventurous sailing voyages.
Revd. Fr. Malcolm Lockey, Honorary Chaplain at the Mission to Seafarers, has been appointed to the board of trustees for OYT North, the North East’s only youth development and sail training charity.
Revd. Fr. Lockey, a former teacher and youth worker, has been supporting young people to take part in sail training since the mid 1970’s and believes today’s education system is not offering enough life-changing opportunities for young people today.
 “When I was teaching in the 1970’s local education authorities had the resources and the personnel to provide challenging opportunities to young people that they simply do not have today,” said Revd. Fr. Lockey.
“Nowadays, Teachers are faced with a lot of red tape and risk assessment work around adventurous activities and it is a great reassurance for them to be able to work with organisations like OYT North who are experts in this field.
OYT North can find funding and provide the experienced leaders who can engage young people and teach the valuable life skills you learn while sailing a big yacht on the open sea.”
Revd. Fr. Lockey raised almost £96,000 for Ocean Youth Trust UK between 2010 and 2011 when he served as National President of the 41 Club, an association of former members of the Round Table.
Steve Lennon, general manager of OYT North, said: “We are so pleased that Malcolm has agreed to join our board of Trustees. He has worked tirelessly to raise money for a whole range of charities, and especially ours, and he believes passionately in the merits of our work with young people.”
OYT North provides young people with the opportunity to sail on James Cook, their purpose built 70-foot 54 tonne ketch under the expert tuition of Skipper Grace Metcalfe, a former crew member.
While onboard young people learn how to navigate, set the sails, take the helm and take responsibility for all cooking and cleaning as well as developing their team work, leadership, communication and problem solving skills.
OYT North’s youth development programmes are aimed at young people aged 12 to 25 from groups such as schools and colleges, youth clubs, local authorities and groups working with the disabled or disadvantaged. They also offer adult voyages to organisations and individuals.

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