James Cook arrives in Hartlepool alongside a fleet of majestic sailing vessels

7th - 10th August

James Cook arrived in Hartlepool after a thrilling race across the North Sea from Kristiansand, Norway for the 54th Tall Ships Race.
The voyage to Norway and the subsequent race back across the North Sea to Hartlepool was an unforgettable experience for the crew on board the James Cook.

Crew member Bradley West found the whole adventure overwhelming;

"I feel that sailing on the James Cook changed my life more than any other experience that I have even undertaken. Before going, everyone who I talked to about it said the same thing, that ìit will change youî, and ìyou’ll come back as a different personî. At the time, I never believed them. When you are out on the water and with the crew, you do feel different and when we got home I certainly felt different.His ideas of Sailing as a sport changed massively as a result of his experience on board James Cook during the Tall Ships Races 2010.  "I though it was a relatively elite sport which was only accessible to rich and connected people, but in reality anyone can sail, you just have to be willing to try."

Laura Mclachlan hopes that the friendships that she has made as a result of her time on board James Cook will continue.
"I honestly didn't want to leave and come home. I couldn't imagine life outside the boat! Anything I write just can't do the incredible experience justice."

When Ruth and Marie Lawford spied our famous yellow boat at Hartlepool it brought back magical memories of their voyage on James Cook almost twenty years ago. They joined us on board and shared with us their experiences.  They were so thrilled that it has prompted them to Join OYT North’s Friends scheme – a great way to keep in touch and also support the OYT North’s  work in the region. Read more about their reunion with OYT North here.

OYT North would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our associate organisations and sponsors and all you who came to visit us in Hartlepool, it was great to see you all and your support was very much appreciated.

If you are interested in sailing with OYT North or would like any further information Contact Us or you can telephone us on 01912571212.

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