OYT North will work more closely with young people and organisations in the Tameside area of Greater Manchester thanks to a decision taken by the trustees of the Tameside Maritime Trust to support sail training activities with Ocean Youth Trust North for young people locally.

Tameside Maritime Trust was established 20 years ago to subsidise sail training activity for young people from the Tameside area.  It was sustained by donations from local government workers, members of Unison, who participated in a salary giving scheme.  Latterly, the trust’s activities had fallen into abeyance until a recent review when the decision was made that its charitable objects could be fulfilled more effectively by transferring its assets to Ocean Youth Trust North, a professional sail training charity, which is in a much stronger position to meet them.

Steve Lennon, general manager of OYT North, said: “I’m delighted that OYT North is being recognised as a centre of excellence and as the leading sail training and youth development charity in the North of England.  We are extremely grateful to the trustees of Tameside Maritime Trust for their confidence and support and for securing this opportunity for the young people of Tameside.

We will be actively reaching out to youth groups, schools and colleges, Scouts and Guides and groups working with the disabled or disadvantaged in the Tameside area to let them know that the benefits of sail training through Adventure under Sail with OYT North are now available to their young members through this bursary at little or no cost.

Sail training is not just about learning to sail; it is the use of the sailing experience as a tool to develop character, build self-esteem and develop an awareness of the needs of others.

We allow young people enough space to learn at their own pace and encourage them to work as a team setting the sails, steering and participating in life on board. Crews also find out about the weather, tides and charts by navigating the boat themselves.  The results are profound.

“Sail training requires participants to confront many demanding challenges, both physical and emotional. It is an activity that inspires self-confidence and the acceptance of personal responsibility, promotes an acceptance of others whatever their social or cultural backgrounds, and develops a willingness to take controlled risks.  For most who undertake sail training it is a positive life-changing experience.”

OYT North would like to hear from any groups or organisations from the Borough of Tameside which might be interested in booking a voyage with OYT North through the Tameside Maritime Trust Bursary scheme. In the first instance they should contact: or call Rob Browell at: 0191 257 12120191 257 1212.  More information at


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