Ocean Youth Trust North is grateful to have received a donation of £1734 from The Manchester Cruising Association.

The Association’s members, who all share an interest in Offshore or Blue-water sailing, have been meeting regularly in Manchester since 1913.  Originally a small group of friends getting together and sharing their interest in sailing, the membership at its peak rose to over 150. 

The Association Toast is ‘To they that go down to the sea in ships, a safe and speedy return’

More recently, as traditional forms of engagement have changed, interest has waned and membership has declined.  Sadly, the Association is now in the process of being wound up.

We are grateful for the donation, which comes from the Association’s residual funds, and propose to put it towards the cost of a replacement gearbox for our S.T.V. James Cook

The yacht is now 33 years old.   Since her acquisition by Ocean Youth Trust North in 1999, she has taken over 10,000 young people to sea, including those who are under-privileged, disadvantaged or disabled, providing for them the personal and social development that is the raison d’étre of the charity.  Her current ‘mid-life refit’ aims to bring her up to modern standards and have her fit for purpose for another 25 years, during which time we expect to deliver our programmes to a further 13,000 young people. 

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