James Cook returns to the waters of the Irish Sea in August to undertake voyages with groups from the North West of England and Cumbria.

Last year, OYT North expanded its operations by committing to berthing in the Cumbrian ports of Whitehaven and Barrow-in-Furness for one month and raising its profile in the region.

A successful campaign led to several new bookings and our ‘Irish Sea Adventure Challenge’ voyage attracted a large amount of media interest, raising awareness of our activities and helping foster new links with youth organisations.

The hard work has paid off and this year groups, including the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith,  West Lakes Academy, Todbrook Sailing Club, Cheshire Scouts and Guides, Otley Sailing Club and York Vikings Rotary Club are all set for Adventure Under Sail aboard James Cook.

The groups are undertaking six-day voyages on James Cook and will have the opportunity to sail to Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland (Dublin), The Isle of Man and Holyhead (Wales).

At the same time we will be running voyages on the East Coast using Offshore Scout, simultaneously delivering Adventure Under Sail opportunities to young people on both Northern English coastlines.

The work we did in raising our profile undoubtedly had an influence on the decision by Tameside Maritime Trust to fund OYT North to provide sail training opportunities for young people in the Greater Manchester Borough.

Mersey Mission
On our way to Cumbria James Cook will berth at Liverpool’s Canning Dock where we will welcome aboard invited VIP guests from local authorities and youth groups to introduce them to OYT North and the life changing benefits of sail training for young people.

Liverpool is a city with a proud maritime heritage and a place where OYT North could greatly benefit the young people.

We are looking forward to sailing James Cook into port and having her bright yellow profile noticed by everyone at the docks that day.

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