Tall Ships Sunderland 2018

Date: 9/07/2018


July 2018 marks the beginning of the Tall Ships Sunderland Race. Ocean Youth Trust North have entered James Cook into the race from Sunderland, UK to Esbjerg, Denmark. On-board will be a young crew from Berwick Youth Project. More information is provided below.




Delivery: Tynemouth to Sunderland - 9th to 13th July

5 days, 12 places (BOOKED)
Crew will arrive in Sunderland in time for the Tall Ships event


Race 1 Sunderland to Esbjerg - 13th to 20th July
8 days, 12 places (BOOKED)

Cruise in Company - 20th to 28th July
9 days, 12 places (BOOKED)


Race 2  Stavanger to Harlingen - 28th July to 5th August
9 days, 12 places (BOOKED)


Return: Harlingen to Tynemouth - 5th August to 12th August
8 days, 12 places (BOOKED)


Travel to and from the boat is not inluded.

To book or find out more information contact Caroline on or call the office at 0191 257 1212